Seven False Concepts Of Yoga ( Yoga Can't Burn Fat Is One Of Them )

By Scott McLeod

You must be limber to practice yoga. "Sorry, I'm not flexible enough for Yoga."

* Yoga increases flexibility but does not require it! Increasing your flexibility is one of the points after all and bestows many health benefits. It's possible you may be anxious about being judged by others who may be more flexible than you.

* You know what? A lot of individuals doing yoga are regular folks with just as much lack in their limberness. There is a beginning point for everyone and if you feel that self conscious at first perhaps you could build up your confidence at home first. But honestly? Don't even fret!

Guys don't do yoga... that's for chicks

* Rubbish! The beginnings of yoga started thousands of years ago with MEN and its original masters known by "yogis" were MEN. I understand that their is a more traditional perception that yoga is more for females but that is a very outdated notion. Just take a look around a yoga studio or yoga class at your gym. A lot more dudes than you'd expect!

* The benefits of yoga are on too large of scale to be relegated to only one gender of the human species and its catching on. Equality of sexes in yoga acceptance is rapidly being realized. Many studio owners discuss that their student ratios are now 2:1 female to male, while 10 years ago or later it was only 10:1. A LOT has changed. Plus there is the argument for you fellas that it can't be all bad being outnumbered by a group of health conscious women!

Yoga costs too much money

* You can get started with FREE videos that are hosted on YouTube. Now, quality may vary with free programs but it is a great and free way to get familiarized. I recommend buying a program because people tend to be more motivated when they have made some kind of investment, whether its a monetary one or an emotional one. Just make sure you buy a program with a money back guarantee.

* Your local gym more than likely has classes available at no charge or for a few extra bucks added to your membership fee per month. The kinds of classes that are available are key considerations when shipping for a gym. Most chains like Gold's Gym, L.A. Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness all have built in classes.

* The health benefits alone are going to save you doctor visits and prescription medications. A small monthly gym membership is well worth it in the long run, not only to your health but your pocketbook!

Hippies and 20 year somethings do yoga, not me

* This is a social perception that may have held more weight in decades past but not so anymore. There are no lines segregating factions. When yoga was unknown and first being introduced it WAS more accepted and practiced by more free-spirited "hippy" type of individuals. It was after all a new and "eccentric" eastern practice. Now we know its true irrefutable value.

* Yoga simply has too many practical health benefits for any person of any demographic to not pay attention to. Scientific studies and media attention keep shedding light on this practice and social barriers are evaporating.

Weight loss cannot be achieved by yoga

* Inherently FALSE, however some of the main reasons for its weight loss abilities may take you by surprise. Some of these are more esoteric forms of body health resulting in optimal body regulation and subsequent fat loss and some are simply not as well-known or "touted. Someone who is overweight and out of shape is simply performing sub-par within the metabolic sphere.

* Yoga increases blood flow and perfusion to your entire body systems. Shifts and contortions performed in poses therapeutically "squeeze" your organs, inevitably leading to more blood flow, optimal function and toxin removal. Proper circulation allows the body to naturally remove toxins, like a river sweeping away debris. Good circulation also delivers more oxygen and nutrients in order to optimally carry out metabolic function and body transformation.

* In an emotional context, the body harbors pain and negativity. Our baggage likes to hide out and weight us down. Yoga not only relaxes the body but also releases these negative entities allowing us to feel lighter and more care-free. Baggage negatively affects our health and well being. Release it!

* Energy centers - Yoga unblocks your energy centers or (chakras) within the body that regulate everything from the immune system to digestion. Many things can kind of "constipate" these energy centers and slow down our bodies. Whether or not you choose to believe this, much research is beginning to unearth this truth, and nonetheless dramatic health improvements are made.

Yoga has only one discipline

* Styles of yoga abound and is not limited to one. These different schools and styles emphasize certain aspects of the overarching basic principles of yoga. Hatha yoga is the most common or known forms but people are becoming more and more familiar with different styles such as Hot Yoga (Bikram), Power Yoga, Vinyasa or Flow Yoga as well as meditation. This article will not discuss these in any detail.

People with chronic pain or injuries cannot benefit from yoga

* Yoga has been shown to alleviate many chronic pain conditions, most notably, chronic back pain and rheumatoid arthritis. Certain advisements and precautions should be taken depending on a person's medical condition. These conditions should be discussed with your yoga instructor in order to minimize concerns and maximize benefit.

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