Why Fad Diets Do Not Return Good Results

By Russ Howe

There are thousands of people who falsely believe that they can't lose weight on a low calorie diet no matter what they do in the gym, leading themselves down a path of frustration and anger. In a bid to shed some pounds, most people hit a wall before they have even began.

The immediate course of action is to look at what you are doing right now and eliminate the things which are not working.

When people hit this wall, they will reach the conclusion that they cannot see progress. They normally have two big issues in common with each other:

1. They eat less than 1000 calories per day.

2. They spend their time doing endless hours of cardiovascular activity.

If you see yourself in either of those two situations, there is a very clear reason why you can not achieve the results you are trying to achieve on the gym floor. The combination of overly performing cardiovascular exercise and eating too few calories per day is an absolute show stopper when it comes to curbing your weight loss efforts.

The most commonly made mistake is presuming that starting a diet means ditching all of your favorite foods and replacing them with lettuce. This is definitely not the case. We're in danger of killing off our own progress by essentially chopping our calorie intake so much that we begin pushing our body into starvation mode and locking our ability to burn unwanted fat. When we are taking in too few calories, our body reacts by switching to a defensive strategy in a bid to keep your system functioning as normal. If you are not eating enough you will notice it becomes significantly harder for your to lose fat.

If you do manage to push your body into starvation mode, your metabolism will take a battering. It can slow down considerably in an attempt to stop you from burning the nutrients it needs to survive, the same nutrients you are restricting in your diet. That's why you'll often hear people wondering why they cannot lose any more fat despite eating only a little amount of food and working out a lot.

It is also quite common to see people coupling this poor strategy with overly long aerobic exercise. This type of exercise, when performed in excess, has been shown to break down lean muscle tissue and is a toxic ingredient in a weight loss plan.

Perhaps you have looked at these two common mistakes and seen yourself making one of them on a regular basis. If so, that is a good thing, as it allows you to see where you went wrong and correct it for the future. Instead of starving your body, aim to consume a calorie intake of roughly 12x your goal body weight in pounds.

Likewise, your cardio routine needs a nudge in the right direction and that can be attained with the use of high intensity interval training, which will provide you with shorter and more enjoyable sessions as well as a more difficult workout overall. HIIT and weights are proven to be more effective for both burning body fat and building lean muscle tissue.

If you dream of owning a lean, defined physique typical of the type of body you would see on the cover of a fitness magazine or beauty magazine, you need to get your training and your diet in check first. If you can't lose weight on a low calorie diet the trick is to stop doing the things which are already not working for you. Change your approach, eat more food and exercise for less overall time but at a higher intensity level. This will fire up your body's metabolism and improve your fitness massively.

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