Pushing New Muscle Building Progress With 3 Easy Rules

By Russ Howe

There is so much confusion online surrounding information on how to build muscle that it is no surprise most fitness enthusiasts find it difficult to get anywhere near the kind of results they want to achieve. Today we will show you how to get past this confusion and generate further results in the gym.

Depending how much research you have done, you may already be aware that in order to force progress from your body you need to be very consistent in your efforts in the gym. But hitting the gym is the easy part and today we shall show you the bits which the majority of people overlook.

The most ridiculous aspect of the health and fitness industry is the amount of conflicting advice out there. Particularly online, which is a virtual mix and match bag of completely different theories. This leads to so many people becoming incredibly lost with their fitness that they just have no clue where to start. In order to get consistent results it's a good idea to get the basics down first.

Every day we are asked by gym members for tips on this subject and there are 3 questions which people appear to have more confusion with. We have answered them below for you...

* How many reps is best for a strength and size goal?

* What foods are best for this type of program?

* How often should you train for maximum results?

Instead of performing rep after rep in your next workout try to get specific with your goals. If you aim for around twenty reps you will be hitting your muscular endurance zone and if you're trying to build size you aren't going to do it effectively with that way of training. Instead, aim for eight reps in most of your sets.

Once you have got used to training with your specific goal in mind and you begin to look for ways to further shake things up you won't be short on choice. One of the best ways to do this is using techniques like strip sets, super sets and add sets. These will not only provide a great pump but will also stimulate further growth.

Believe it or not, more people get lost with their diet than with their training. So the next section is devoted to showing you how to create a simple but effective diet plan.

Eating the right type of food will determine what type of size you add. You can't expect to get big and stay lean if you are feasting on junk foods. Remember it's not just about how many calories you consume, it's also about where those calories come from.

While you could spend your time counting every single calorie in all of the food you eat, you will more than likely just drive yourself insane and remove any fun from your daily diet making it impossible to stick to. Instead, the 3-5-2 concept is simple and loose, allowing you to make allowances where you feel necessary. With 30% of your calories arriving from sources of protein, 50% carbohydrate and 20% from fat you will have a rock solid and trustworthy foundation to build from.

Taking a day off from your training is a very important step to take. Most of us misunderstand the importance of rest days, we become slightly addicted to the feeling we get from training especially when we start seeing results. It is key to your progress that you allow your body time to recover.

Should you be stuck at a plateau and unable to figure out how to build muscle on a more consistent basis you are now armed with the key facts on making you dream come true. Years of science support each of the three steps given today, so you can hit the gym with confidence!

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