How To Treat Shoulder Joint Pain

By Dr. Grazyna Pajunen

Our skin and joints lose moisture as we age. When skin ages and it loses its moisture content, it dries out and it loses its elasticity. Our joints float on a gel bed, and as we grow older, this gel dries out, just like our skin. This causes the friction between the bones of the joint to increase, and you now have bone rubbing on bone. This is very serious, and can cause major shoulder joint pain, and pain in many other joints in the body.

BioCell Collagen produced by the Jusuru Company is a multidimensional nutraceutical product, which gives back the moisture to the skin and fluidity to your joints. This is an extremely unique product, as it is the only one that is made from a single ingredient. Your joints rotate against each other, and without a lubricant, they begin to wear against each other causing pain. This pain does not go away the joints and tendons become inflamed causing even more pain.

Over 36 clinical trials have been done on BioCell Collagen with significantly positive results. Patients reported reduction of pain, improvement in movement and improved skin elasticity and texture. This was very positive. You can find more information about these studies online by doing some search

Making the product involves a process, which is covered by a number of patents. While they were doing their testing of the product, they discovered that it also increases the strength of the cell walls, which can lead to strength in other areas as well. This won the Jusuru Company the 2011 Frost & Sullivan award in 2011 for their processes.

A number of doctors from very prestigious schools have run tests and investigated this new product, and they have glowing recommendations for it. These included doctors or people and animal doctors. The doctors who have backed up this new product include cancer specialists, orthopedic specialists, and obesity specialists. They all give it their full recommendations.

The website also lists a number of very convincing testimonials from people who have used the product. Even the doctors recommend the product to their patients, and speak of their patient success stories. These testimonials include weight loss gurus and makeup artists to the stars.

Can this new product really help to ease that pain in our shoulders. From the evidence of the clinical studies the answer seems to be yes. Because we lose hydrolyzed collagen over time, in order to improve the suppleness of our joints, it is necessary to replace that lost collagen. The BioCell Collagen is the exact same, natural sourced collagen your body needs. It is also a very easily absorbed into the body because you take the supplement in liquid form

To conclude, Bio Cell Collagen has proven itself in clinical trials as having a positive effect on the knee, hip and shoulder joint pain that many people suffer from as they age. One of the side effects, a nice one this time, is lovely supple elastic skin.

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