How To Lose Weight And Prevent It From Piling Straight Back On

By Russ Howe

Figuring out how to lose weight is one thing, but figuring out how to maintain it is another beast entirely. In fact, most people find that this issue is even more confusing that shifting those unwanted pounds in the first place.

If you were to ask a thousand people in gyms across your country for their biggest problem in the gym, weight loss would almost certainly top that list.

Bizarrely, despite the number of people who claim to need assistance with this particular issue, we have reached a point of information overload. With too much information, much of it conflicting, many gym users have reverted back to trial and error methods and trying to figure things out for themselves. There are a few scientifically proven methods you can use.

They consist of:

1. Increase your protein intake right now.

2. Do not follow the trend of cutting out carbohydrates and fats from your diet.

3. Dust off some dumbbells and pick them up.

4. Ditch long cardio sessions and incorporate HIIT.

An increase in your protein intake will work wonders for your body - particularly those who have fat loss goals in mind. Many people unfairly label protein, and particularly whey protein supplements, as a nutrient for people who want to get big and muscular. This is completely false, of course. Protein is your best friend when you are trying to cut down body fat levels. Eat around 1.5g per kilo of your body weight. So an 80kg person would eat around 160g protein on a daily basis.

Naturally, you will need to do more than just up your protein if you want to get results in a short period of time. Another move you should make is to stay well clear of the common trend to avoid carbohydrates and fats. Cutting out these vital nutrients from your diet is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Usually, celebrity diets are guilty of this mistake in a bid to shift pounds quickly. However, the key here is to remember that you aren't just striving for weight loss - you are striving for fat loss. When you cut out carbohydrates and fats you end up losing muscle, as well as piling the pounds back on straight after your diet finishes.

Weight training is probably the most underrated tool at your disposal in your gym facility.

That's right, lifting weights is actually excellent for losing body fat! Do not buy into the myth that you should only lift the iron if you want to look like a muscle-bound monster. Not only is is a proven fat loss method, it will also help you to sculpt lean muscles below the surface of your skin, allowing you to achieve the type of lean, toned physique which most people are striving for.

Those new to training can see great results by adopting a three day training program. Begin by adopting resistance machines into your plan which allow you to hit your full body in each session, before moving over to free weights and then adopting a more detailed four day program when you feel progress begins to slow.

Long, steady state cardiovascular exercise is now yesterday's advice. High intensity interval training not only allows you to spend less time working out, it has been proven to increase results by up to nine times! So the sooner you can end those hour long aerobic workouts, the better.

A combination of HIIT with a targeted resistance training routine is definitely a move in the right direction if you are learning how to lose weight that you can keep off forever once it is gone. It's easy to progress, unlike steady state cardiovascular routines, and it offers a much needed dosage of variety into your training sessions.

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