One Of The Best Ways To Burn Fat

One Of The Best Ways To Burn Fat

There are many ways to burn fat, but interval training is definitely one of the best! Interval training is basically periods of work followed by periods of rest. Interval workouts are typically short, sharp and intense, and its this intensity that brings the fat loss results!

Many people believe that long slow cardio is the best kind of training for fat loss but the lack of intensity means that the duration has to be high to see any fat loss results. On the flip-side, you can get a quality interval workout done in less than 15 minutes!

Interval training can be performed in a number of ways and you can use a number of different exercises when using intervals. Running, squats, pushups and dumbbell exercises can all be used in an interval session, but the more explosive the movements are, the better.

An interval workout may look like this - warm up then repeat this sequence 4 times - Run 200m, then rest 90 seconds.

Your sprints should be as fast as possible. Working out like this makes your muscles work hard and your body will produce a lot of lactic acid, which in turn can lead to great fat loss results. You can also use other exercises in an interval format and get great fat loss results. Burpees are a great choice for example.

Burpees are great exercise that challenge your whole body. To perform a burpee, start standing, then crouch down and get yourself into the bottom of a pressup position. Then stand back up as quickly as possible, jump, and clap you hands above you head as you do so.

A burpee interval workout may look like this - do as many burpees as possible in 1 minute. Then rest a minute. Repeat this sequence 3 to 5 times, but go steady if you've never done burpees before as they're pretty tough!

Interval workouts like this are a great way to burn fat as they focus your effort around high-intensity training, which is one of the great secrets of fat loss!


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