Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise?

By Sheila Bell

Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise?

The amount of overweight people in our society is rapidly increasing. Even though most overweight people are aware they need to lose weight, starting and sticking to a strict diet and exercise routine is difficult to sustain.

One of the key ingredients for losing weight is regular exercise. Unfortunately, exercise is something many people despise. With that being said, is there a way to get healthy and lose weight without exercise?

Lets take a look at 5 possible ways to shed weight without exercise.

Eliminate Soda From Life

Sodas are packed with sugar and calories. Each 12 oz soda you drink averages around 140 calories which is the equivalent of 15 pounds per year.

Eliminating soda from your diet can be instrumental in helping you lose some of the unwanted pounds.

Eat Healthier Snacks

When you are feeling hungry and need to grab a snack, reach for fruit, vegetables or nuts instead of chips or cakes.

Fruit is not only healthy but it's also a great way to satisfy cravings for sweet.

Be Aware Of The Amount Of Food You Are Consuming

Cutting back on the amount of food you are eating and monitoring the number of calories you are consuming is essential for weight loss.

The best way to do this is to eat the recommended serving size but if that's not possible start by eating half of the amount you usually eat.

Scaling back on the amount of food you eat at each meal will significantly cut calories and help you lose weight.

Consume Eight or More Glasses Of Water Daily

Water plays a vital role in our bodies. It is responsible for keeping our internal organs functioning properly.

Drinking water during the day fills you up and keeps you from feeling hungry between meals. Also, substituting water for sweet drinks high in calories and sugar can be instrumental in helping you lose the unwanted pounds.

To get the most health and weight loss benefit from water, drink at least 8 glasses daily.

Use The Stairs Instead Of The Elevator

When you have the opportunity to choose between the elevator and the stairs, opt for the stairs. Taking the stairs may not be a high intensity workout but it will help you burn some additional calories.

Taking the stairs on a regular basis can help improve your health and help you lose some weight.

Incorporating simple changes like this into your lifestyle can help you lose weight and get fit.

Losing weight can be done without exercise but adding exercise will drastically speed up the results and improve your health.


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