Yoga Routines

By Sienna Nalin

Yoga Routines

There is not just one type of yoga, but there are many. Perhaps the reason you did not get into yoga was because you did not find one that fits you and your lifestyle.

Certain people are attracted to certain styles of yoga for various reasons. Just as the color of your yoga mat can affect your practice, your favorite yoga style might say something about your personality. The following is a fun, light-hearted list of yoga styles, and the personalities they attract.

Restorative Yoga - This style of yoga is for those in need of some serious power relaxing, and not ashamed to admit it. For restorative yoga lovers, there is no guilt in shutting out the world with a lavender eye pillow and kicking back on a fluffy pile of blankets for an hour.

Power Yoga - This type of yoga will definitely give your body a work out. It deals a lot with strength. Not only would you become strong with this form of yoga, but it also will help you become flexible.

Iyengar Yoga - For those of you out there that are used to a schedule and knowing how everything works and is going, this style of yoga is definitely for you. This form of yoga deals with the attention to detail that most forms of yoga do not. This would definitely be my type of yoga since I consider myself to be very OCD (color coordinated closet).

Bikram Hot Yoga - There is no question that anyone who voluntarily signs up for an hour and a half of yoga in extreme temperatures led by a militant instructor knows exactly what they want and are not afraid to go get it. Bikram yoga fans are routine oriented. Following the same set of 26 yoga poses in every single class, they don't do well with surprises or changes.

Kundalini Yoga - If you are an open minded individual, this is a style of yoga worth looking into. This yoga is all about opening the mind, heart and being very intuitive with your intellect.

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Have you found a yoga style that fits you? Hopefully after reading these many different yoga styles you have found one that fulfills you and you can find enjoyment in.


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