What Is The Post-Workout Golden Window?

By Russ Howe

What Is The Post-Workout Golden Window?

In the topic of how to build muscle people often look for unnecessarily complicated answers when the basic principles still work just fine. Today we shall examine one of those proven principles, the post-workout nutrition window. We are going to explain it for you step-by-step and get rid of some of the general myths surrounding it for you.

Despite the often over complicated world of health and fitness this is very easy to do once you have learnt the basic principles, much like the rules to building a leaner physique in general.

If you are a regular exercise enthusiast or trainer you may or may not have already heard people at your local fitness center or health spa talking about this. For a while it was simply a rumor, an almost mythical 'golden period' after a training session where your body would be able to make fantastic strides forward if you used the time wisely. It has since been proven to be a fact, of course, and today we're going to answer the most commonly asked questions. These include:

* How long does this golden window last?

* What type of foods should I eat in this period?

* What is the reason this actually exists?

* What happens if you don't make use of the golden nutrition window?

We'll be discussing all of the questions above. The magic window is something which occurs after you complete an exercise session. Basically your body is trying to replace all of the nutrients it has just lost.

It's crying out for food and because of this desperation it will literally gobble up anything you provide it with. The post-workout window is as simple as that, really. The trick is to learn how to provide it with the right type of nutrition to push your results even higher.

The window itself is believed to last approximately 45 minutes after you finish a workout, meaning you have three quarters of an hour to get some food into your muscles.

It wouldn't make sense to eat some complex carbohydrates or any food type which is going to take the body 4-5 hours to break down...

This is where shakes come in very handy. A post-workout whey protein shake followed by a source of simple carbohydrates will work wonders for your results. Quick carbs are usually associated with fast food or chocolate, of course, which isn't the direction we want you to go in. Instead, use healthier options like cereal or fruit.

These provide your body with instant energy, which it's craving after you put it through the mill at the gym. It will do it's best to use absolutely everything you provide it with during this time, hence the term 'golden window', but the possibilities are magnificent if you focus on only providing it with healthy, nutritious food in the first place.

Should you miss this golden window there is no need to panic. The damage by missing it once or twice is absolutely minimal, this is something which will enhance your results if you hit it on a consistent basis but won't wreck your progress if you miss it here and there.

For those who wish to know how to build muscle or even how to lose weight the post-workout window will become their best friend. It's an integral part of a good training routine and over time you will notice huge results from this proven method.


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