Two Ways To Build More Muscle

By Russ Howe

Two Ways To Build More Muscle

As a fitness instructor, one of the most popular questions I hear in the gym is people wondering how to build muscle fast and retain it. This is second only to people asking how to lose weight. Today I'm going to share a few proven factors with you.

These steps are all tried, tested and proven.

Whether you are a pretty experienced gym goer or a complete newcomer to the world of fitness, you will find the foundations of solid training here today.

* Know your diet

* The importance of supplements

The fact is most people neglect the basics in favor of searching for a miracle solution to their problems. By failing to nail down the basic, proven foundations of building a better body, however, you ruin your potential and actually hold yourself back considerably.

Building muscle size and definition isn't just about eating a ton of extra calories per day. Where you get those calories from plays a huge part in how your body will look and what type of size you add. By making a couple of simple changes to your diet you can enhance your results massively.

There are several ways to diet, many of which are proven to work. Today we focus on one of the most popular ways, the 3-5-2 diet. To do this, simply multiply your goal body weight in pounds by 15. So a 180 pound man would require 2700 calories per day in total.

The 3-5-2 system gets it's name because it means 30% protein, 50% carbohydrates and 20% fats. It's good knowing what total calorie target to aim for, but it's even better knowing exactly how many grams of each macro nutrient to look for.

So to see how many calories per day need to come from each macronutrient simply use the 3-5-2 system now. In this case, 2700 calories multiplied by thirty percent will give you 810. This is the number of daily calories you need from protein.

To convert these calories into grams, so you know exactly how much food to eat, take your 810 calories and divide it by four. This tells you that you need 202 grams of protein per day in total. For carbs take your calories and divide by four, and for fats take your calories and divide by nine.

Next we need to talk about supplements. It is very easy to get lost in the supplement market, with every product telling you that it's better than anything else. If you get your diet sorted out first, you will realize that you don't need most of the products you might be wasting your money on right now.

While you could easily spend hundreds of pounds or dollars on products each month, you shouldn't look any further than the basics. Add a solid whey protein supplement and a creatine product to your diet, nothing more. There are countless supplements out there which will, of course, all tell you that you 'need' them to get bigger but the truth is it's just marketing talk. Where there's money involved, there is undoubtedly hype.

Okay, you are now clued up on both dieting and supplements. It's time to hit the gym and get some results for yourself! The next time someone asks you how to build muscle remember the basics are the key to success.


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