How To Tell That You Need Drug And Alcohol Counseling Pa

By Lana Bray

How To Tell That You Need Drug And Alcohol Counseling Pa

Problems of drug and alcohol addictions are many. While there are some stages that can be controlled by the drinker or the user of drugs, certain types are more complicated and normally require the input of a professional. Research shows that it is very difficult for addicts to know that they are having the problem and hence cannot take any action to seek help. The following are the tell-tale signs that one has a problem that requires drug and alcohol counseling pa.

One of the most common behavioral changes is isolation of the addicts. Majority of users of drugs cite their reason for indulging in them as needing to deal with stress. Others also say that they uses these substances to relax after having a hectic day. This leads to them withdrawing emotionally. However, they may continue partaking of drugs in the presence of their friends or family. Others retreat to secluded points where they take these substances.

There are also other signs of this problem, especially in a case where an addict wants to conceal their use of these substances. An example is where an individual excuses themselves for five minutes to buy something from the shop, only for this to turn into five-hour disappearance. During this period of time, the addict goes to the home of a friend, or just a bar, or anywhere convenient, and partakes of the drug or alcohol or both.

If you suddenly realize that you no longer have interest in activities and hobbies that were enjoyable to you previously, then this is a sign that help is required. It could be that you used to like socializing and visiting people, and you suddenly stop. When, instead of going out for these activities, you find that you would rather drink, then this is a wakeup call that help is needed.

To tell that a person close to you is addicted, you will see that of late they do not go out for exercises, rarely go out to see friends and family members and may reduce their participation in activities which were enjoyable to them previously. The reason is that the person is spending too much of his or her time in drinking and drug use. The person should be helped as early as possible.

Another very common tell-tale sign of an addicted person is the mood swings. In case where most of time of an individual is spent in partaking of drugs, withdrawal signs my include anxiety, fatigue, depression, irritability and sweating among other things. Their mood change is very drastic. One moment he or she could be sad and cranky, but the next moment, they are happy and upbeat.

Money problem also begins coming in. The addicts are always looking for money to buy the drugs. To use these drugs regularly can be very expensive, and so one will do all they can do to lay their hands on money.

Still on money issues, individuals will struggle when it comes to purchasing house supplies and other groceries. Bills and rent become difficult to pay. But the funny thing is that these people can spare money for their drugs. In short, they give their drugs more importance than other things such as clothing. If you have these signs, then it would be very important to get help in drug and alcohol counseling pa.


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