DNA Test Locations Perform Useful Social Functions World Wide

By Michelle Howe

DNA Test Locations Perform Useful Social Functions World Wide

We bet you didn't know that April 25 was the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA molecule by James Watson and Francis Crick and also the 10th anniversary of the elaboration of the 3 billion letters that make up the human genome. The result of all that is that there are now thousands of DNA test locations, nationwide, that offer to test DNA for paternity and maternity suits, to establish sibling relationships or finding out which African tribe your ancestors are descended from.

It was Friedrich Miescher who first established that nucleic acid formed a part of our white blood cells. That was way back in the 1860s. Since then DNA research has come a long way. We now know that though DNA differs from species to species, it retains some common properties. Today we can use DNA testing to determine Justin Bieber's baby daddy status or the innocence of a man seating on death row. Here are some of the uses to which DNA testing has been put in recent times.

Some website can take you on a genealogical adventure by matching your DNA sample with those that already exist with them. This way you can discover hundreds of new relatives, some of them living thousands of miles away from you. Ancestry also does genealogical mapping to discover hidden ethnicities that you may not even be aware of : you may have African or native Indian ancestors. This will connect you to the places your ancestors originally came from

Some specific website will take your DNA and match it with samples that they already possess in order to find you thousands of new relatives. It also does genealogical mapping to discover your ethnic roots so that you know that your ancestors came from such and such a place.

If it's stored in a chill dry dark spot, DNA can exist for 1000s of years. For example, DNA samples were used to establish that two of Czar Nicholas II's daughters who were conceived to have escaped the family's execution on the orders of the Bolsheviks, were really part of the group which was collectively assassinated at Ekaterinburg. Now scientists are exploring the genetic remains of the Neanderthals in order to fill up the gaps in the development of humans.

Have you ever wondered why your dog loves to chew on your Italian pumps? Or why his tail remains curved at all times? Or why he is obsessed with digging holes in your garden? You can tell yourself that these are all doggy activities and there is nothing unusual about them.

DNA testing has also penetrated the world of pets. DNA can explain such attributes of your favorite dog such as why his tail does not uncurl, or why he seems to be addicted to the idea of digging holes in your garden or why he likes munching on your favorite shoes. If you are wondering of what use this information can be to you, Wisdom Panel tells you that you can fit your dog's training, exercising and nutrition regime according to your dog's genetic background.

At a more serious level, genetic testing, at various DNA test locations, can now discover whether your child will have Down's syndrome or other serious diseases or not. These locations perform a very useful social function. Some of them are also not expensive.


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