Discovering Body Wraps That Work

By Ginger Taylor

Discovering Body Wraps That Work

Do you wish to lose inches, enhance your skin and detoxify your body without spending an arm and a leg at an extravagant spa? If this sounds good to you then you have to try a body wrap at home!

For the past five years I have ascertained that body wrapping at home can be just as beneficial as spa wraps if you have any of the following goals:

a. Tightening sagging skin

b. Eliminating cellulite

c. Inch loss

d. Body cleansing

The true secret to obtaining good results is utilizing the right methods in combination with the right ingredients.

I will be the first to concede that there is a bit of a learning curve concerning executing at home body wraps. Five years ago I wasn't 100 % certain what I was doing, so it was an interesting journey to say the least!

The truth is five years ago body wrapping at home was a relatively new concept and there was hardly any body wrap information or pre-made slimming wrap kits out there, so I had to experiment with different recipes and techniques to see what truly worked.

What I Have Learned About Wrapping At Home

I learned a whole lot of things while conducting experiments over the years. Here are a handful of the most essential things that I've learned thru personal experience:

1. Pick Ingredients Prudently - Not only is it necessary that you use high quality organic ingredients in your wrap, but using the most suitable mix of ingredients for your goals is a key to success. You could have found some generic body wrap formulas, but what you have to know is that your targeted goals require certain ingredients so as to work properly.

2. Look out for Low-budget Body Wrap Kits - If you scan the ingredients in some of the most popular store body wrap kits (like the Hollywood Detox Body Wrap), you will notice that many of the ingredients are man-made - not the sort of substances you want to be using on your skin! There are pre-packaged body wrap kits such as the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator that are an exception because as the name says, they really work! These are my personal favorite because they are easy to use with no mess or hassle.

3. Remember To Exfoliate! - It's really important that you open the skin pores before completing your home body wrap. This guarantees that the formula you apply to your skin during wrapping is absorbed down to the deepest layer of the skin. I always brush my skin, and spray my body with a special toning spray to ensure I get the most out of each wrapping session.

4. Workout & Eat Well - so that you can get the most out of your home wraps, a healthy lifestyle is a must. Your body has to be working aptly from the inside, and your circulatory system must be in high feather. Eating a balanced diet, exercising routinely and performing two weekly slimming wraps is a marvelous combination that will help you lose weight and feel great. Drinks lots of water too.

5. Be Dedicated - Like majority of things in life, for you to achieve results you need to be committed. Even if you are pleased with the results you experience after your first home wrap, don't stop there! You can magnify your results by doing at least one or two wraps weekly.

I hope these recommendations are advantageous to you, and wish you the best of luck with your first home wrap! I am certain that if you follow the steps I've explained, you will get magnificent results as if you went to a fancy spa.

Stop following all those over the top diets and trying to do workouts that are way too strict for you, you can be thin with It Works!

Discovering Body Wraps That Work


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