Diet Vs Exercise - Which Is More Important?

By Howe Russ

Diet Vs Exercise - Which Is More Important?

You have probably heard people in gyms around the world asking the question is diet more important than exercise so today we are going to help you get to the bottom of this popular issue.

The reason people tend to hear so many contradicting answers to this question comes down to the fact that many people base their final decision on what has worked for them in the past. While both aspects have proven benefits, the chances are if you pose this question to somebody who is always trying the latest trendy nutritional program they will heavily support eating habits as the most important factor.

Of course, if you pay a visit to the other end of the spectrum and speak to somebody who loves going to the gym you would hear the direct opposite answer. You'll be told that you can get away with eating your favorite snacks and junk foods providing you are able to put in the work in the weights room to burn them off. The big question is which approach is the right one?

Neither approach is correct if you are trying to achieve your best possible physique.

You may have heard people trying to put percentages on the importance of each factor, often saying things like "It's 70 percent what you eat and only 30 percent training" or the other way around. This is a nonsense approach usually used by people who are unwittingly planning to work harder at one aspect than the other.

In truth, both factors will play a huge role in your journey. If you want to learn how to lose weight safely and keep it off forever you need to be able to fully embrace the health benefits of both in order to see long term results. If you don't believe this, how about some proof? How many times have you met the following two people:

* Somebody who follows a new eating routine every 3 months and tries to keep up to date with whatever is being championed as the latest super food. Despite losing weight, they tend to have an unhealthy shape to their body because they haven't been exercising at all. Remember, your muscles won't grow or become leaner unless you force them to.

* The person who seems to live in the local gym. They are there every time you walk through the door and they are still there when you leave, yet they certainly don't work there! These people are more than happy to do endless hours of cardio or throw the weights around, but the most they look into their eating habits seems to be a protein supplement when they're finished exercising. These folks are usually equipped with fairly well defined muscles in their shoulders, arms and chest but pair it with a pot belly or undefined, flabby abdominal muscles.

Of course, it wouldn't make sense to knowingly put yourself into one of the two boxes shown above. If you want to build a better body you're going to have to learn how to apply both aspects to your lifestyle, otherwise you will not be very happy with your results.

This nonsense approach is something which could be compared to an individual trying to decide whether their DVR is more important than their television. Both would be pretty useless without the other as a companion. Exercise and nutrition are designed to work together in exactly the same way, so try not to put more effort into one than the other or neglect one completely. By learning how to make a few easy lifestyle changes you can get your diet on track incredibly quickly. Combine that move with a regular fitness routine and you are on course to see a major transformation for the better.

The final word on this subject goes to bodybuilder Jay Cutler. During a recent tv spot, an interviewer asked the question is diet more important than exercise and the response was excellent. It's one hundred percent exercise, and it is also one hundred percent diet. This concept works whether you are trying to get into bodybuilding or simply trying to learn how to lose weight more effectively.


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