A DOT Physical Can Determine Who Can Drive Trucks And Who Cannot

By Lawanda Burch

A DOT Physical Can Determine Who Can Drive Trucks And Who Cannot

A Department of Transportation is normally charged with making the roads safer for travelers and truckers alike. One of the ways they do this is by making sure the drivers of the big trucks on the highway are healthy enough to perform their duties and will not become a hazard to those they are sharing the road with. A driver who wishes to either obtain or hold onto their commercial drivers license with have to pass a DOT physical. They will be checked to make sure their physical condition is good enough to be put in charge of vehicles that could cause a lot of damage if they are involved in an accident.

One item that will be checked on a driver is their eyesight. A person has to see well in order to keep their vehicle on the road and avoid hazards. A truck operator should expect to have at least 20 over 40 visions in each eye. Those who eyes are weaker are often allowed to use glasses to correct their vision problems, but they will have to wear the glasses anytime they drive.

Blood pressure levels can also be a determining factor as to whether a person can receive a certificate to operate a truck on the open road. Those with normal pressure readings will be okay, but others might need to be concerned. High pressure readings can mean that one could be headed towards health complications.

What will happen to a driver with high blood pressure depends on high the pressure reading is. Those who are slightly higher can get a conditional license that can last anywhere from three months to a year. Those with very high levels might have to stay off the road until they get their pressure back under control.

Blood sugar levels are also checked by many agencies. High blood sugar often indicates that a person is suffering from diabetes and the operator may have to take medications to control it. A person suffering from uncontrolled diabetes can become unconscious or delirious when their sugar levels fluctuate wildly. One becoming unconscious can happen at any time and could be catastrophic if an operator loses consciousness while speeding down the highway.

Diabetes can be controlled through the use of medication like metformin. A person who controls their blood sugar using this method can still quality for a license. However, drivers who need to use injectable insulin will probably have to find a new career in the industry.

Another area that gets scrutinized is the health of the cardiovascular system. Those who are suffering from cardiac problems may not be able to operate a large vehicle anymore. One should expect to pass a stress test to see how advance the heart disease is before they can be cleared to continue working in their current capacity in the transportation field.

A DOT physical is done for each driver to make sure they are healthy enough to operate trucks safely. The agencies want to make sure there are not any health problems that could affect their ability to do their job. Failure to pass the tests could interfere with their ability to continue on in their current occupation.


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