5 Movements Everyone Should Do in the Gym

5 Movements Everyone Should Do in the Gym

There are some things that bug me when I'm in the gym with me or my clients training. Well, there are more than a few things, but one of the most disturbing to me is the lack of training of some sort of movement of body weight.

Take a look at the average guy or girl who goes to the gym for a workout. They sit all day at a desk, hunched over a computer or behind the wheel of his car and sat leaning mostly. Then go to the gym and sit on a machine should move in a travel plan or make a chest and "intense" training weapons. People who do these things are not done any favors, and they are perhaps doing more harm than good.

There are five movements that can be performed, for most people do not require the use of more of their body weight for resistance. My five main changes are push ups, split squat row, inverted or horizontal pull up, and iron. All these are simple exercises that everyone knows, but probably not used in your program. I can tell you that each of these movements or progressions of them are included in each program he built.

I will dissect each of these movements and show some gains to be a little more difficult if you need a challenge. The most important part of each of these movements is that they are made with perfect form before adding any weight or exercise more difficult.

The push up is a surprise to be included in any global movement. The push up is one of the best ways to ensure good health of the shoulder, while building a strong chest and triceps. To make a good push until you can probably look back to their physical qualities training day. The first thing to look at with a push up is the position of the hand. You can move your hands in a variety of positions for the push up harder. For normal push hands should be right at shoulder width or slightly wider and position your hands should be in a straight line under your shoulders.

One of the most important in the push-up position of the parties is to keep the heart tight and do not let the hips or arch your lower back or fall. Keep your body straight with eyes looking down at his hands online. From this position the entire lower body in a fluid and controlled until your nose is 1-2 inches of soil movement. Then press your body in the same controlled movement. His feet during the movement can spread 12 inches or you can bring them closer to reduce stability. To make the movement more difficult it is to raise your feet, spread your hands, doing the movement with your hands or feet on a stability ball, to leg, or do a plyometric efforts above.

The split squat is a very effective exercise for all, from beginners to advanced learners. This exercise can be done with body weight, a foot tall, with a pair of dumbbells, a bar and many other ways. The number of exercises that can be drawn from this simple movement will depend on your level of training, comfort with movement and creativity. To make a good start of the distribution squatting with feet together. In this position, not a foot forward as to make a sudden movement, his feet now be scaled and about two or three meters. It is important that both feet pointing straight ahead. If you have a problem of balance or muscle imbalance and may find it difficult to concentrate on keeping your feet in proper alignment.

After your feet are in the correct position, you should change your weight to the front foot at the heel and place the back foot in such a position that the foot touches the ground. From this position the front knee should be slightly bent and upper body upright. Now the knee is going to fall about an inch of ground in a controlled manner. You should feel tension in your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. Then proceed to push through the heel and before returning to the starting position without locking the front leg. You must maintain the slight bend in the front knee. Be careful not to push with the back leg.

The following exercise is not considered in many programs for lovers of average fitness is inverted or horizontal row pull up. This exercise is great for the health of the shoulder and upper back strength. You can perform this motion a series of gymnastic rings, a pair of straps exercise (ie, the TRX system, Jungle Gym, explosive belts), or a normal bar or smith machine (around its unique, good use). For the sake of those who do not necessarily have the other team, I'll cover the proper way to set the bar a new killer move. Go to a squat rack or Smith machine ankles with busbar on them so that you can be in the bar on the ground and fully extend your arms without touching the ground with your back. In this position, you will need to start this exercise with your feet on the ground and your body in a straight line. You grab the bar with outstretched arms, with an overhand grip (palms out).

You will now start to pull up to the bar to keep your body in a straight line. You may need to focus on strengthening the abdominal muscles to maintain an upright position. You pull your shoulders back and trying to touch the bar to your chest. If this movement becomes difficult you want to push your hips to gain momentum. I assure you that the gym is not the place to push the hip, so please be sure to keep your body in a straight line. (Note: if you have a gym at home, whatever you choose to do in your home is your own business) In this position, the upper part of your body should be completely straight and the head should be line with the rest of your body, resist the urge to push the hip and pull your chest up to the bar only. Now you can control the descent to the lower position. You can increase the difficulty of the move by the straps or rings, placing your feet on a bench or box, placing your feet on a stability ball or adding weight with a weight vest.

The board is an exercise to stabilize the heart and strengthen the most important abdominal muscles. When done correctly and moving properly exercise can help reduce back pain, increase strength, increase balance and improve the performance of your body. To begin this exercise, lie face against the ground, from there, you will place your elbows on the floor directly under your shoulders. Your hands can be interlaced or repressed. Once your arms are attached may raise your hips on the floor and support your body, elbows and toes. The idea is to keep your body in a straight line while keeping the abdominal muscles, think about what you can do to prepare yourself if someone had hit him in the stomach. Do not let your hips sag or arch of the lower back as well. Try to keep the spine neutral. If you feel pain in the lower back will most likely drop the hip or lower back and abdomen muscles arc are not strong enough to resist this extension. Rest for a few seconds and continue your game. If you can maintain this position for 90 to 120 seconds, you'll be well on your way to having a lower back healthy and strong core.

While most people replace an exercise in its current program, which puts them in a sitting position and use one of these five movements of their training programs could be surprisingly more beneficial. In fact, you can simply use these five movements and their variations to create an effective program. Just change the angles and rehearsals and have immediate success. Start with a program to make two sets of twelve repetitions of the first day, three sets of eight repetitions of the second day, and two sets of twenty representatives on the third day of a beginner intermediate learner. Keep rest periods to 60, 30 and 30 seconds for each respective day and perform each movement in an automatic mode. In the tables only work waiting 120 seconds for each series. If you complete this program for four to six weeks, your body will thank you will look better, and most importantly, you'll feel better.


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