The Problem Of Obesity In America

The Problem Of Obesity In America
Obesity in the United States is the second leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. Approximately 130 million adults in this country are overweight, 70 million are obese with a body mass index (BMI)> 30. Approximately 62% of American women and 67% of American men are considered overweight. Today, more than 25% of American children are obese or overweight. Approximately 400,000 U.S. deaths per year are attributable to poor diet and lack of physical activity.

What can we do?

There is no doubt that obesity in America is growing. Discover one of the shopping malls and restaurants, and you will see many people with overweight and obesity. Why U.S. has a large number of problems of obesity such, when there is a problem in many of our countries? What can you do to solve this problem?

Lifestyle may be the cause?

Lifestyle seems to be one of the causes of obesity in America. Discover some foreign countries, people there do not lead to a place less they need. I think part of the reason is the high price of gasoline and motor vehicles. Back in the United States, this is not the case here. Americans drive everywhere, especially if you can not avoid walking. From this study, it is estimated that nearly 75% of county residents can enjoy a completely sedentary or inactive lifestyle. When you combine this eating habit with the American way of life and you know why obesity in the United States is increasing.

Food and Environment Society Driven Activity Netherlands

Many experts believe that obesity is an epidemic in America because we are a society based on power and having a business with limited resources. The movement to turn the TV for a few minutes and you'll be bombarded with ads for fast-food restaurants, sugary drinks, and more! There are many fast food shops in the streets. Easy access to excess food and used to eat a lot more than we need and with a new technology that makes it easier to avoid exercise.

The work environment

Since the average American adult spends at least 40 hours per week at work, it is important to address nutrition and physical activity in some workplaces. Most companies have risen to the challenge and, in 1999, a total of 95% of the national places of work with more than 50 employees that offer nutrition, weight management courses or counseling in the workplace or through their health plans. Individual efforts to get more physical activity in the workplace and a healthy diet are confused by what follows.

- More people are living farther from the workplace, so spend more time commuting (driving replace walk / bike)

- Workplaces are becoming more automated and less body movement

- More refreshments and meals and snacks high in calories at work

The neighborhood environment

Modern lifestyles contribute greatly to physical inactivity. The cars are used for short trips, and the number of trips to the average American adult takes up each year has decreased by 42% between 1975 and 1995. This is also true for an American child who fell walking about 37%. Today, only 10% of students walk to school, compared to most students of a generation ago. It is not easy and a challenge for Quartier get the recommended amount of physical activity are the following.

- The design of the area suitable for walking or cycling

- More districts are looking so dangerous

- More time spent in cars

Treatment of obesity in the United States

The best way to treat obesity in America is through education. The American public must be well informed what kind of food is best for them and how you can prepare. Restaurants should go with smaller portions of food for people concerned about their health. People need to study and know what carbohydrates and saturated fats linked to organizations so that they can choose and select the right to eat healthy foods. Another way to treat obesity is to get more exercise, such as swimming and walking! Walking is a good exercise that anyone can do it. If you can do every day can help you lose weight quickly and easily.

Government Assistance

It is certainly urgent to solve the problem of obesity and Americans call now before it turns into bad. The obesity problem is very serious and threatening snuff to become the No. 1 cause of death in the United States that could possibly have been avoided. The U.S. government knows the problem and took some solutions, such as Medicare has opened the door to cover the treatment of overweight and obesity, while the Internal Revenue Service began to provide tax relief for some weight loss programs in the United States.